Looking for information on the Schlechtingen family

  • Looking for any type of information on the Schlechtingen family. All we have is:

    Johann (Joannes) Schlechtingen: Born Jan. 15, 1858 in Morsbach, Rheinland, Prussia (ancestry.com) Died: Aug. 13, 1916 Cincinnati, OH

    Peter Schlechtingen: Born: Jun 9, 1864 in Morsbach, Rheinland, Prussia (ancestry.com has Jun 14, 1863) Died: Dec. 28, 1927 Cincinnati, OH

    Rest of the family is here in Cincinnati and we got those but it's Johann and Peter's family in Germany is what I'm looking for. At lest Johann's parents are Jacob Schlechtingen and Anna Margaretha Schuh (married Feb. 1, 1842) but in two documents Peter's parents (he's my great-great grandpa) his father is Jacob Schlechtingen but they have Katherine Schneider as his mother but we know nothing about this and then we got Jacob and Anna Margaretha Schuh are his parents. I had emailed someone at Gemeinde Morsbach and they said Jacob's parents were "Jacob Schlechtingener (I'm thinking this is a typo but once again, I'm not sure) rings are rings and Anna Maria Stricker." Not sure what rings are rings means but further into looking for these people, all I could find is:

    Jacob Schlegtingen and Anna Maria Stricker. Their son being Joannis Jacobus Schlegtingen born Apr. 15, 1816.

    I guess what I'm getting at is, how do I tell if any Schlechtingen's, or spelling variations, are related to me because we are not sure about the family. We're not sure if the last name has been changed and we heard saying there was a "von" in there somewhere but no documents. My ancestors were very hush hush when it came to talking about their family in Prussia so I hope to get at lest some information, even if it's a "try this site"

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    Anna Margaretha Schuh = Anna Margaretha Adelheid Schuh, Schu

    search at familysearch with parents name Schlechtingen and Schu (both without a marker) and you´ll find 8 children. {search }


  • So what about looking for his parents, Jacob Schlechtingen and Anna Maria Stricker? Like I said, I found a possible match but the last name was different so I don't know if there could have been a last name change. Every time I look up Schlechtingen I just get the weather for Schlechtingen, Germany and google just tells me it's part of Morsbach and this and that. Is there some easy way to find ancestors that might have a change in last names?