Munster, Westfalen = Niehues Family

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    I am sorry this post is in English.

    I am trying to trace my family tree for my mothers side of the family and would be grateful of any help. As I am not sure where to begin with German records online.

    The information I have.

    Renate Gertrud Niehuse born 1930s - my mother
    Dieter Niehues - around 1932 My mothers brother (I am not aware of any children).
    Maria Elisabeth NIEHUES around 1935 (my mothers sister ) but not sure of details.

    Her father was Bernard Niehues born around 1898's and was married twice.and died in the 1960's. his wife Maria Anna Gertrud HENNEMANN and Frieda NEWMANN

    As far as I know they lived and worked around the Munster area.