Otto FERSE - Berlin - circa 1850 & Agnes PFUTZENREUTER

  • Otto Julius Albert FERSE...born around 1855 possibly in Berlin. Worked as an Engine Driver on the Railway.
    Agnes PFUTZENREUTER (or possibly Pfitzenreiter) born around 1865 possibly Berlin. They married around 1874 (Berlin ?) They had 9 children but only 4 reached adulthood.
    Hans - Theo - Anna Antonie - Erika.
    Anybody researching this family ? (Hans had the Gaststätte Wolfswerder in Finkenkrug,nr Falkensee )

  • Hello John,

    I have written a mail to you.

    Agnes Ferse nee PFUTZENREITER was Catholic. Otto Julius Albert FERSE was evangelic. Perhaps the wedding took place in a Catholic church.


  • Hello John,

    i have found 3 childbirth in Berlin-Charlottenburg, 22 Jul 1890 Agnes Margarete death 12 Sep 1890, 5 Apr 1892 Paul Johannes and 3 Jun 1895 Martin Theodor. F: Julius Albert Otto, M: Agnes Pfützenreiter.

    Greatings Steffen

  • Thank you - Anna Antonie is my Great-Grandmother. She died in the UK in 1969. She had a heart attack and the neighbours refused to let my family use their telephone to get an ambulance because they refused to help Germans X(