Gruess aus England !

  • Hello ! My name is John Richter and I have lived all my life in England but have a German father and an English mother.
    My German Grandparents split up during the war. My Grandmother suffered at the hands of the Russians in post-war Berlin and escaped (with my father & Uncle) by marrying a British soldier - which is how my parents met.
    My research is complicated by two things - firstly my Grandparents are dead and no other relatives have much info and secondly my German is fairly basic.
    My family is mainly from Brandenburg with offshoots to Poland and possibly the Rhineland. I was also told (but have never seen proof) that one ancestor worked in the Kaisers kitchen (Potsdam ?). Just hoping to discover a little more about where my ancestors came from.

  • Hi John

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    Feel free to ask your questions in English, many of the people here can read it and some of them write it too.

    You should put your questions on the relevant subforums here, there is for sure someone who can help you.

    I hope you enjoy the forum and you will have much success in your researches.