Looking for records from Bremen - RÖVER / RIETER

  • I am looking for records for Conrad Wilhelm Röver my g-g-grandfather. He was born October 19, 1849 in Bremen, Germany. He married Beatrix Rieter (spelling uncertain) and after her death a Luisa (Unknown) . There were children Karlotte b. ca. 1876 , Frederick, Willimena b. October 1861, William b. ca. 1876 , Ernest b. May 12, 1879, Greta b. ca. 1880 , Coonie b. ca. 1880, Wienze b. ca. 1883.

    Any assistance is appreciated!

  • Hello docwilson,

    in the body of the municipality of Bremen books I have found a Conrad Wilhelm Röver fits very well with your date of birth.

    Wilhelm Conrad Röver
    Born about 11.1849
    Died 1/10/1922 in the district of Bremen Altstadt 72 J. 11 months old.
    Buried 04/10/1922 Bremen Walle cemetery grave site: LL 1410
    last residence: Stephanitorswallstraße 27 district Bremen Altstadt.

    His first wife would accordingly be the Bertha Johanne Ritter been.
    Wilhelm Conrad Röver is specified as a husband.

    Johanne Bertha Ritter
    Born about 04.1847
    Died 7/19/1881 Diaconissenhaus Bremen-Walle 34 years 3 months old
    Buried 22/07/1881 cemetery Bremen Riensberg grave site: t 102
    last residence: Molkenstr. 10 Bremen Altstadt.

    His second wife was then Margarethe Dorothee Ließ

    Margarethe Dorothee Ließ
    Born about 07.1857
    Died 03.01.1931 hospital 73 J. 6 months
    Buried 01/07/1931 Bremen Walle cemetery grave site: LL 1410
    last residence: Ederweg 15 district Bremen Hastedter city

    if I find something, I'll get back

    Greeting Thomas

  • I forgot to write

    Wilhelm Conrad Röver married in 1885 Margarethe Dorothee Ließ in Bremen

    Greeting Thomas

  • Hello docwilson,

    I've even the civil marriage of Wilhelm Conrad Röver and
    Margarethe Dorothee Ließ (Liss, Liehs) send. Here's the data:

    Fuhrmann Conrad Wilhelm Röver

    * 10.29.1849 † 01.10.1922 Bremen Bremen

    Schneidermeister Heinrich Wilhelm Röver
    * 1821 Altenhagen, Bückeburg † 03.29.1887 Bremen, Buried 01.04.1887 cemetery Bremen - Riensberg

    oo 22.03.1849 Bremen

    Charlotte Dorothee Antonette Groening
    * 1809 Ehrenburg, Diepholz † 01.11.1894 Bremen, Buried 15.01.1894 cemetery Bremen - Riensberg

    In 2nd marriage oo 06.25.1885 Bremen

    Margarethe Dorothee Ließ
    * 06.06.1857 † 03.01.1931 Bremen, Buried 07.01.1931 cemetery Bremen - Walle

    Lagermeister Johann Wilhelm Ließ
    and the deceased
    Catharine Margarethe Bösche

    1st wife of Conrad Wilhelm Röver
    Bertha Johanne Ritter
    * 04.1881 Achim, Verden † 07.20.1881 Bremen
    Daughter of Bertha Johanne Struckmann from Achim, Verden
    Could the family name Knight since 23.07.1875 result.

    Found children of the marriage Wilhelm Conrad Röver & Margarethe Dorothee Ließ

    Margarethe * 09.15.1886 Bremen
    Margarethe Dorothee * approx. 11.1887 Bremen † 03.20.1891 Bremen
    Conradine Wilhelmine * 03.09.1889 † 02.04.1890 Bremen

    Heinrich Wilhelm Röver Here is an interesting link to family


    Greeting Thomas

  • Hello David,

    A Fuhrmann was a person who perform the cargo or goods transported with one hand, horse, ox cart or a wheelbarrow.
    Today's jobs for this service are the freight forwarder and truck driver.

    Schneidermeister = Cutter master, champion, foreman, maestro, chief, adept

    Cutter and seamstress is a craft apprenticeship in textile processing. The task of the cutter is to use textiles to clothing. The hand tools of the cutter are since time immemorial needle, thread, scissors and iron, since the 19th century, increasingly, the sewing machine. Through the industrialization and packaging artisanal tailoring has declined sharply.

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