Yet another translation request

  • The attached small section of a large map from the Hannover Archive was transliterated below:

    Gesamte Vestungs Graben sind in den Plan gantz deutlich vorgestellet die Brücken dagegen kommen das schlechten poreusen Holtzes halber nachgerade in Baufällig schlechten Zustand
    Neu Nr. 13654 Cop: par OBvSchwaan 1745

    From that Google give the translation:

    Total moat are presented clearly in the plan, the poor porous wood half the bridges on the other hand come nigh in dilapidated, poor condition.
    New Nr. 13654 Cop: par OBvSchwaan 1745

    2 questions:

    1. Does the translated sentence make sense? (It doesn't to me.)

    2. What does "Cop: par" mean

    The full page with the map is located at, if anyone is interested.

    Thanks again,


    PS: Please send me a private message if I am asking for help too often. It may be time for me to sign up for a German or Latin class.

  • Hello Chris,

    Total moat are presented very clearly in the plan, on the other hand the bridges appear in rather dilapidated poor condition because of the poor porous ligneous paper (cellulose).

    Kind regards
    PS: There is no limitation for asking questions!