Schöneberg, Kreis Saatzig, Pomerania.

  • I have written a book on the history of Schöneberg, Kreis Saatzig, Pomerania. It’s called a "A Slice of History, Schöneberg in Pomerania, 1797-1874. With listings of names and occupations of residents in the manorial village. (Now Krąpiel in Poland)"

    102p, approx 30,000 words and in PDF format.

    Topics include Early history of Schöneberg, Von Bonin ownership, Pastors, scholars and sextons, Myths, legends, customs and superstitions, A Schöneberg resident obtains fame, Occupations and listing of names in Schöneberg 1797-1874.

    Available on my blog for a small fee. The introduction, table of contents, a snippet of a chapter and notes on doing family history research online are also on this site.