Jan Leonhard Mambers

  • I'm looking for more infomation about an ancestor from Germany, Jan Leonhard (Johann Leonhard) Mambers. His last name might have been slightly different (mampers, mombers, mompers, mammers), but this was the name that was shown on his marriage certificate. It also shows that he's originally from a place called Werkenheim / Weckesheim / or something that looks like it, near Frankfurt. (see attachment) At some point he moved to the Netherlands and married in 1747 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and lived in Schiedam, The Netherlands.

    He died in Dutch East India.


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  • Also found the following about him:

    "recevied small civil rigthts in Schiedam on 3 Februari 1748
    Born in Weggene ? a/d Donau"