Attached partial page from 1671

  • Hello All,

    I've attached a partial page of a Google book, and hope someone can give me an idea of the subject matter without translating the whole thing. It is signed by an ancestor and several other representatives of different German nations from 1671 and has something to do with the Reichstag in Regensburg, I think. Is there anything in this section that gives a clue what is going on?


    (Mrs.) Chris (Swan)
    Nashville, Tennessee

  • Hello Chris,

    It is an announcemant of the Reichstag in Regensburg 1671 that the law regarding the security of the empire which has not been finished in 1654 is not yet finished during the current Reichstag. Up to now it is not sure whether it will be finished and will get passed. Therefore it is pointed out that every sovereign has the duty to observe and ensure the security of his population and his territory himself.
    (last part: What Maximilian Heinrch, archbishop of Cologne, is obliged to do, is written below your extract.)

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