Searching Benno Karl Siegfried Rohr born Rosenthal Brandenburg Prussia 1840

  • Hello, Searching the Rohr family. Specifically, The children of Benno Karl Siegfried Rohr born September 2, 1840 in Rosenthal, Brandenburg. He was Royal Directorate-General of customs and indirect taxes in Strasbourg, Alsace 1879. He was premier lieutenant of the Landwehr infantry. He was baptized in Gross Luckow. He was married to Luise Philippina Möhrlin who was born in about 1852. They had at least two children that I know of. Elisabeth Margaretha Albertine Luise Rohr born October 27, 1875 in Strasbourg, and Friedrich Carl Alfred Rohr, my grandfather, bor October 23, 1879 in Strasbourg. I believe there were 3 other siblings, however, I have not been able to find them. The parents of Benno KS Rohr were Carl Friedrich Ludwig Rohr born in Podanin (Posen?) April 5, 1810. He was married to Emilie Pauline Albertine Funk (Funck?) in Schlawe (Pomerania). Proclamation of marriage Gross Luckow February 22, 1840. Emilie PA Funk born in Lauenhagen, Brnadenburg December 13, 1817. They had 9 children. I am trying to find out where three of the children were born because the family moved around a lot. Maria born May, 19, 1842, Emilie born July 20, 1843, and Anna born December 3, 1846. I have a clue that they were born in Borrentin which is the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern area. I just haven't been able to find out exactly where they were born. It would also be nice to find the baptism records of the other children that were born in Stettin (Szczecin). Someone suggested the archive at Griefswald as a place to check out too? I have more detail if needed. Thanks for all your help. :thumbup:

    I thought I would list their children: Benno in Bas-Rhin above; Marla born 1842; Emile born 1843; Anna born 1846, I believe they were born in Griefswald. Lida Hedwig born 1848; Elise Marianne Josephine born 1849; Martha Romana born 1852; Carl Erich Theobald born 1853; and Bertha Margaretha Hermine born 1856, in Stettin. :danke: