Ralph and Furrington family in Magdeburg

  • Hi

    firstly, I speak no German at all so apologies to people here.

    I am researching my family who went to Magdeburg in around 1865 from Suffolk in England. I want to trace as much as I can of their lives in the forty or so years most of them spent there before some returned to England.

    To start with, the relatives of mine who I'm sure of who came over were Moses Ralph and Gertrude Furrington who married in Germany I think in 1865 before having around nine children all in England, some of their ancestors are likely to be in Germany still. I also think Gertrude's family went over as I can't find any record of them in England after 1861. They are:

    Lazarus (1819) father

    Maria (1820) mother

    William (1840) brother

    George (1842) brother

    James (1848) brother

    Ellen (1850) sister

    Harry (1856) brother

    I suspect all of these went to Germany too and would love to find any info on these please.

    thank you


  • Hi,

    there is a Max Furrington, turner, in Magdeburg directory for 1925, Address Kurfuerstenstr. 14.
    In 1938, there are 3 entries (pic).
    I think that Furrington´s in or near Heilbronn today are descendants from the Magdeburg Furrington's as http://www.landesmuseum.at/pdf…d-Wuertt_26_0089-0091.pdfshows that Horst F was born in Magdeburg in 1937.



  • Thank you both Bob and Thomas.

    I'm not aware of the names on either of the pages Thomas, and struggled to make the first Ralph out, could you tell me the first person's name please?

    How much are birth certificates to purchase from this part of Germany, if that is possible? I would think that if Hermann is related, which I think he must be - his father/grandfather was Alfred Hermann Moses Ralph born in Magdeburg in 1870.

    Thank you


  • Oh, I forgot to ask, is there any marriage records that are still in existence? I know that at least two of the Ralphs in Germany married and even know that one (Alfred John) married an Alice and had at least one daughter.

  • Hi Svenja, sorry for the late reply.

    Thank you for this help, this is likely to be my ancestor as I know he survived until old age.

    Any more info on any Ralph is very much welcomed. Thank you again.