Please tell me where you can find lists of soldiers of the German Imperial Army, who served in Bavaria in the year 1916-1918?

  • Good afternoon,

    I need help! I want to know the real name of his great-grandfather.
    He is an ethnic German, he lived in Moscow (USSR) and Berlin (Germany).

    He was killed in World War II. He served in the Red Army.

    In 1917, he was 18 years old. He was drafted into the army. The German imperial army. My relatives say that he served in the Army in Bavaria.

    Please tell me where you can find lists of soldiers of the German Imperial Army, who served in Bavaria in the year 1916-1918?

    Unfortunately, I think this is the last chance to find the real surname of our family.

  • Hello,

    and now?
    There are lists on the pages of Ancestry. (costs)

    Have you no hard Facts? (Name, birthday, Military-Unit, birthtown?...)


  • Hello!

    The major problem is a KGB or something like this in Soviet Union. This is a case to change real german surname of our family in 1935-1939. So the soviet version of a surname is Holev.
    I think that real surname is Holl, Holler or some surname which usual to East Prussia, where his father was born at 1850-1855. The name of father of my great-grandfather is Johann Karl.

    About great-grandfather.

    Name: Serge or Sergey.
    Birthday: 2.10.1899
    BirthTown: Moscow (moving to Berlin at 1914).

    Unf this is all I know(((

  • Hello,

    Ancestry listed no Holev; no man Born in Moskau, have over 10.000 entrys about the birthday 2.10.1899

    When the Name of your great-grandfather is Karl, is the Name of your grandfather also Karl (only if he was born without marriage, he would have another Name.)

    Have you tried to translate the Name Holev into German? Should it be Karl? I think it is an russian Name, evtl. Czech/Slowakei. Also Serge What did it mean in German.

    Karl is often in the bavarian lists


  • Hallo Jürgen

    Ich glaube du hast Jamiz falsch verstanden. Der gesuchte Name war in Russland Holev, wurde dort aber wohl geändert, d. h. er hat früher ziemlich sicher anders gelautet.
    Eventuell handelt es sich um einen ähnlich klingenden deutschen bzw. ostpreussischen Namen, da anscheinend sicher ist, dass sein Vater in Ostpreussen geboren wurde.

    Der Vater hiess Johann Karl Holev und wurde zwischen 1850 und 1855 in Ostpreussen geboren.
    Der Sohn von Johann Karl Holev hiess Serge oder Sergey Holev, nach diesem wird hier gesucht.
    Dieser wurde am 02.10.1899 in Moskau geboren und ging 1914 nach Berlin.

    Ich persönlich vermute, dass er nicht in der bayerischen Armee war, sondern in der preussischen.

    In den Verlustlisten ergeben sich vier Seiten Suchresultate, wenn man nach Geburtsort Moskau sucht.
    Aber leider passt wohl keiner, zumindest heisst keiner Sergey und keiner Holl/Holler oder ähnlich.

    Hello Jamiz

    I translated what you have written about your great-grandfather so that everyone here can understand what you are looking for.
    Are you sure that he was a part of the Bavarian Army and not of the Prussian Army?

    As Jürgen already said, the Stammrollen of the Bavarian Army are online on ancestry
    but the Stammrollen of the Prussian Army didn't survive the second World War.

    There are another possibilities to find some information about a soldier in the First World War,
    but for a search in the databases you need to know the correct surname and place of birth.

    In the Verlustlisten (List of Losses of the whole German Army) there are many men with
    place of birth Moscow but there is no Sergey and no surname Boll/Boller or similar name.


  • Hallo Svenja,

    daran habe ich nicht gedacht.

    Nichtsdestotrotz findet sich kein Holev, Holler oder so in den Bayerischen Listen. Wobei ich schon den Ansatz gehe würde mal zu schauen ob es für den Namen Holev eine Übersetzung/Deutung gibt.

    Für Geburtsort Moskau (oder ähnlich geschrieben) gibt es 70 Einträge.

    Für das Geburtsdatum finde über 1000 Einträge bei Ancestry. Da kann sich Jamiz ja mal einen zeitlich begrenzten Zugang holen, um das abzuklopfen.

    Schönen Sonntag.


  • Thank you very much for your answers!

    Ancestry listed no Holev; no man Born in Moskau, have over 10.000 entrys about the birthday 2.10.1899

    Jürgen, I don't know his real surname. I have same facts from my grandmother. I tried to make small & simple genealogical chart.
    Unfortunately, they erased the real name by soviet kgb reason. The Germans were expelled from the Soviet Union, or imprisoned at the time (1930-1937).
    So, part of our family came from Berlin at 1922, but has not been able to go back.

    Holev - is a russian similar surname, which was made from real german surname. They have some documents (maybe russian passport or something like this).
    So, I think that real surname is Holler, Holle, Holevo or Holl. They erased part of the surname and add "EV" at the end. And the surname has become similar to russian surnames.

    [Blocked Image:…80157eb836ab-downloader4g]

    I can not insert a picture. So the links for PNG.…hC31Xjam_3Rk1KeVV6aVRSUlE or

    Thank you all!!! Sorry for my bad English.

  • Svenja, thank you for your replay!

    1. Yes. Maybe he was at Prussian Army. I really dont know. I have only some of the facts of his biography. I do not know the real surname, but I know that he was listening to speech of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (meeting with soldiers).
    2. He died when he was at Red Army. When he going to war at 1942, he said: Damn, I will be killed by a nephew or sister's husband.
    3. Unf I don't know the real surname, so I trying to find another chance to know it.
    4. I suppose the transition to the German side during the war, coz I can not find any information about great-grandfather in the Russian archives. Officially, he died. But no documents, no grave, no records.