Searching for information on Eduard Elilionis (Alilionis, Aleliunas) born in Memel 1920

  • My husband is adopted but we know his birth family. His birth grandfather was Eduard Elilionis born 13 June 1920 in Memel (Klaipeda). We think the spelling of his last name changed. It may be Alilionis or Aleliunas or something similar.

    Eduard's parents names were George and Genova. Genova's name may have been Mikeviciute.

    When Eduard was alive he did not like to talk about his life. Family stories say that he escaped from somewhere on a trail and he ended up joining the U.S. Army.

    Any help on where to find information would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Amecomber,

    there is an index of all persons being known related to Memel in this website under "OFBs" in the header above, then search on the resulting page for "Memelland", or even better: Link

    Please note the alphabetical index in the top below the navigation bar and the text "Surname List".

    example: Index M :
    MIKNEVICIUS, Ariadna

    example : M
    MEILIUNAS, Aleksandras

    For Elilionis, Alilionis, Aleliunas I wasn't able to find a direct match.

    You may want o post a request in the Yahoo-Group Memelland-Forum though.


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