BRUNOTTE in Wernigerode 1820-1882

  • BRUNOTTE - Looking for information about my2nd great grandfather Louis Brunotte and his brothers or cousins

    These most likely four brothers with the surname BRUNOTTE are all from Wernigerode, Harz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. All immigrated to the United States in pairs: two in 1857 and two in 1859. One [Carl] returned to Wernigerode in 1863 after serving for the Union during the Civil War and eventually moved from Wernigerode to Hamburg in 1882.

    Louis BRUNOTTE (my 2nd gr grandfather) [likely Heinrich Louis Brunotte], b: 20 Jun 1829, Immigration at New York 08 Sep 1857, m: Oct 1859 New York, moved to San Francisco CA in 1864, d: 26 Mar 1911 in California. Occupation: Tailor

    Heinrich Christian ‘Henry’ BRUNOTTE, b: 31 Oct 1832 in Wernigerode, Emigrated from Breman Dec 1859, Immigrated at New York 09 Jan 1860, m: 2x in New Orleans, d: 17 Oct 1895, New Orleans, Louisiana. Occupation: Tailor

    Frederick Freiderich BRUNOTTE, b:c1834, Immigrated (with Louis shown above) at New York 08 Sep 1857, (no other information). Occupation: Master Painter

    Heinrich Carl BRUNOTTE, b: 01 Jun 1832 in Wernigerode, Emigrated (with Heinrich Christian shown above) from Breman Dec 1859, Immigrated at New York 09 Jan 1860, US Civil War [Union from Delaware], resided 1862 in Baltimore, returned to Wernigerode in 1863, moved to Hamburg in 1882, m: 2x in Germany; d: 05 Mar 1924 in Hamburg. Occupation: Master Painter

    Any and all information is welcomed.

  • Quick and rough translation to German:

    BRUNOTTE in Wernigerode 1820-1882

    BRUNOTTE - auf der Suche nach Informationen über meine große 2. Großvater Louis Brunotte und seine Brüder oder Vettern.

    Diese höchst wahrscheinlich vier Brüder BRUNOTTE ist der Familienname sind alle aus Wernigerode, Harz, Sachsen-Anhalt, Deutschland. Alle wanderte in die Vereinigten Staaten in Paaren: zwei 1857 und zwei in 1859. Eine [Carl] kehrte 1863 nach Kriegsdienst für die Union während des Bürgerkriegs nach Wernigerode zurück und zog von Wernigerode nach Hamburg im Jahr 1882.

    Louis BRUNOTTE (mein 2. Gr Großvater) [wahrscheinlich Heinrich Louis Brunotte], b: 20. Juni 1829, Einwanderung an New York 08 Sep 1857, Heirat: Oct 1859 New York, San Francisco CA 1864 d: 26. März 1911 in Kalifornien zog. Beruf: Schneider

    Heinrich Christian 'Henry' BRUNOTTE, b: 31. Oktober 1832 in Wernigerode, emigrierte von Breman Dec 1859, Immigrated an New York 9. Januar 1860, Heiraten: 2 X in New Orleans, d: 17. Oktober 1895, New Orleans, Louisiana. Beruf: Schneider

    Frederick Freiderich BRUNOTTE, B:c1834, wanderte (mit Louis oben erwähnt) in New York 08 Sep 1857, (keine weiteren Informationen). Beruf: Meister-Maler

    Heinrich Carl BRUNOTTE, b: 1. Juni 1832 in Wernigerode, Emigrated (mit Heinrich Christian oben erwähnt) von Breman Dec 1859, wanderte am New York 9. Januar 1860, US Bürgerkrieg [Union aus Delaware], 1862 in Baltimore, kehrte nach Wernigerode 1863 zog nach Hamburg 1882 residierte, Heiraten: 2 X in Deutschland; 5. März 1924 in Hamburg. Beruf: Meister-Maler

    Jegliche Information wird begrüßt.

  • Hi Debbie,

    I know personally Karl-Gottfried Brunotte. He is member of Letter-day-Saints - so I'm sure he will have done a lot of genealogic work. He is very famous. A few years ago I met him teaching about temples and their meaning worldwide and in a historical sense.

    Best regards


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  • Thank you for your remarks, Andreas. I hope that your acquaintance Karl Gottfried Brunotte reads this forum and replies if we are from the same BRUNOTTE family.

    I have been searching through primary evidence for more than 40 years for the source of my BRUNOTTE family and was finally thrilled to find two separate solid sources in military records and ship rolls for the family's link to Wernigerode and another burial source pointing to Saxony-Anhalt.

    Hopefully this forum will help with other connections.


  • I am also looking to contact the following FOKO researcher. I believe we are looking at the same BRUNOTTE family.

    W. Heinemann (AM1632) researching
    BRUNOTTE 1819 to 1843 D-38855 Wernigerode, Saxony-Anhalt

    With kindest regards,