Henrich "Henry" Meier

  • Could some one please help me finding birth info and parents for Henrich "Henry" Meier born about 1830 Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany. He died in USA before 1885 place unk. He married Anna Margaretha Unk born abt 1840 Germany, died Nov 14 1906 in Deshler, Thayer Co, Nebraska, USA. They had several children all born in Pennsylvania, my 2nd great grandfather, son Andreas "Andrew" Henrich Meier born Pennsylvania, 1876 died 1914 Deshler, Nebraska, USA.
    Anna Margaretha remarried Henrich "Henry" Othling 1885.
    Thank you,
    Renee Sanders
    California, USA

  • Hello Renee,

    Henrich/Heinrich/Hinrich (= Henry) was one of the most common first names in Germany of that time. And Meier was and is still one of the most common surnames (from latin: maior domus = caretaker or leaseholder of a small farm).
    Hanover is nowadays the capital of the German federal state of Lower Saxony. 1814-1866 -when Henry Meier was born- there was existing the Kingdom of Hanover. It is not obvious whether the town or the kingdom is meant.
    That is the reason why it is very, very difficult to find an answer without further information.
    Sorry for bad news.

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  • Renee,

    It's difficult to help you based on what you write. Please be so kind as to give as a little more information or rather all the details that you have.

    Did they get married in the US or in Germany? When? Where exactly?

    When did they emigrate to the US?

    What are the first names of all their children?

    Do you have a link to the passenger list? Were there other people from (the Kingdom of) Hannover on board? If yes, what were their surnames? (They might have been from the same village/city or at least area travelling together.)

    Where exactly in Pennsylvania did they live? What were the surnames of their neighbors according to the census (if available, please provide links)? Are there any German surnames among them? With the help of these names you might also try to limit the area of origin.