Grage Family in Siblin and Kreutzfeld

  • Guten Tag,

    I am looking to see if anyone has information on the Grage family in and around these two villages. I have the following so far:

    Hinrich Grage b. abt 1730
    Johann Christopher Grage b. abt 1754
    Jochen Heinrich Grage b. abt 1784
    Gottfried Ferdinand Grage b.. abt 1830

    I have some of the siblings of these, but not alot. I am looking to tie into other parts of the Grage family tree to see who my relatives in Germany and the USA are. Any information anyone has about this family is greatly appreciated.

    Joe Grage

  • Hello,

    i found not so much, but!!!

    Siblin --> Gut Siblin --> look here
    it a very small village, only few buildings, some of them look here
    Gut Siblin today map

    peoples who lived there:

    Quelle VZ 1803 Siblin, Dorf
    Ort / Kirchspiel Sieblien, Dorf / Sarau, Kirchspiel

    Dorotea Gragen
    Geburtsdatum: 1786
    Alter: 17
    Beruf: Dienstbote
    Familienstand: ledig


    peoples who lived in the church district Ahrensbök, means near by Siblin:

    Quelle VZ 1803 / Barghorst, Dorf
    Ort / Kirchspiel Barghorst, Dorf / Ahrensbök, Kirchspiel

    Katrina Elsabe Gragen
    Geburtsdatum: 1777
    Alter: 26

    Hans Hinrich Steen
    Geburtsdatum: 1776
    Alter: 27
    Beruf: Eigenkätner mit Land

    2 Kinder


    Quelle VZ 1803 / Holstendorf, Dorf
    Ort / Kirchspiel Holstendorf, Dorf / Ahrensbök, Kirchspiel

    Mattias Grage
    Geburtsdatum: 1746
    Alter: 57
    Beruf: Arbeitsmann
    Status: Mietsmann
    2 Ehen

    Maria Elisabeth Thielen
    Geburtsdatum: 1758
    Alter: 45

    Kind 1:
    Peter Kristian Grage
    Geburtsdatum: 1794
    Alter: 9

    Kind 2:
    Hans Hinrich Grage
    Geburtsdatum: 1797
    Alter: 6


    Quelle VZ 1803 / Ahrensbök, Flecken Ort / Kirchspiel Ahrensbök, Flecken / Ahrensbök, Kirchspiel

    Anna Christina Gragen
    Geburtsdatum: 1758
    Alter: 45

    Hans Detlev Wiese
    Geburtsdatum: 1751
    Alter: 52
    Beruf: Amtspförtner

    3 Kinder


    Quelle VZ 1769 / Ahrensbök, Flecken Ort / Kirchspiel Ahrensbök, Flecken / Ahrensbök, Kirchspiel

    Catharina Gragen
    Geburtsdatum: 1691
    Alter: 78
    Familienstand: Witwe


    Quelle VZ 1769 / Spechserholz, Dorf
    Ort / Kirchspiel Spechserholz, Dorf / Ahrensbök, Kirchspiel

    Anna Margr. Petersen, geb. Grage
    Geburtsdatum: 1731
    Alter: 38

    Hinrich Petersen
    Geburtsdatum: 1719
    Alter: 50


    VZ = Volkszählung = census


  • Danke Helmut!

    I should also mention that almost all were all baptised at Kirche Sarau. I wonder if the name Grage is a shortened version of Gragen. Interesting! Thank you!


  • I wonder if the name Grage is a shortened version of Gragen.

    Hello Joe,

    How do you prounounce the name ? is it with a soft G in the middle like Graje ?
    That would be the most likely american pronounciation, but probably the N in Gragen (Grajen) would often be 'swallowed' or dropped , so that the name then became Grage (Graje)


  • Hi Bob,

    My part of the family tree pronounces it Gray-je, but I have heard another part of the tree in my area near Chicago (my 2nd great grandfather who came from Siblin had 9 children, so I have my work cut out for me) pronounces it Grah-ge. So far I am back to 1730 with the name appearing as Grage, but I have often wondered whether it was shortened or not because I have seen a number of possible variants (Graage, Grages, Grager). The Graage variant looks like a Danish spelling to me, but there are also people with the name Grage (i.e. Danish Olympic speedskater). I hired Klaus Struve in Kiel to do some research for me last year and got quite a bit, but as you probably know that kind of thing can get pricey in the long run. I am hoping that the church books wind up on Archion one day, but I am not holding my breath because that whole project seems to have stalled and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany is very protective of their books and the information. I had to sign an agreement not to publish the records I received, which means I cannot post them anywhere...including my family tree on Ancestry.


  • Hello again,

    do you know this site ? please try here

    you´ll find more as 700 Grage´s lived in Schleswig-Holstein 1800+ but born from 1691 - 1899

    try the search
    --> Grage (over 700 listed) could be interesting to find other villages near by Kreuzfeld and Siblin
    --> Grage and Kreutzfeld
    --> Grage and Siblin, Sieblien

    do not forget to go to „ Show complete Household”

    I found at this side:

    VZ 1803 / Siblin, Dorf
    Ort / Kirchspiel Sieblien, Dorf / Sarau, Kirchspiel

    Johann Hinrich Scheel
    Geburtsdatum 1755
    Beruf Grobschmied / und Eigenkätner ohne Land / Hausvater

    Anna Elsabe Beuk
    Geburtsdatum 1759

    1. Anna Kristina Scheel Geburtsdatum 1788
    2. Anna Maria Scheel Geburtsdatum 1792
    3. Johann Friedrich Scheel Geburtsdatum 1793
    4. August Peter Scheel Geburtsdatum 1796
    5. Hans Friedrich Scheel Geburtsdatum 1798
    6. August Scheel Geburtsdatum 1800


    Ort: Sieblien [Siblin], Dorf
    Kirchspiel: Sarau, Kirchspiel
    today written Siblin

    Ort: Kreutzfeld, Dorf
    Kirchspiel: Plön, Kirchspiel
    today written Kreuzfeld

    greetings from Lübeck

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  • joe

    i have forgotten to write a little help to find very fast the places where the persons live on the AKVZ side.

    try with the name Grage the button "Verteilung auf Karte anzeigen".