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  • Viele Grüßen!
    My name is Andrea Genung and I am from the U.S. I am trying to research my 2nd maternal great-grandfather.

    This is the grave marker for my 2nd great grandfather "Frank Robert Schumann". According to census records, he arrived in the United States in 1882 from Germany. He was born 22 September 1863. He died tragically in 1904.

    I have found a record of his brother Charles H Schumann born 1867 in Reichenbach, Chemnitzerland, Germany. My family has been disconnected from this branch of the family for some time. Many in my family did not even know that Grandfather Frank had a brother.

    I would appreciate any information that might be found my ancestors. As Frank died suddenly, all of his heritage is lost.

    Also, Ich kan ein bischen Deutsch sprechen und lesen.

    Vielen Dank,
    Andrea Ferry :danke:

  • Hello Andrea,

    it should be the Reichenbach in Vogtland. It s next to Chemnitz. Maybe you should post your question again in the Sub foum of Saxonia.



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  • If there is access to resources where I might find these relatives on my own, please point me in the right direction.

    I have also thought about going to Germany on my own to research. But I would not know where I should go once I arrived in Reichenbach.

  • Hi,

    I think someone should tell you where you can find the church records. Were they catholic or lutheran?

    Wer kann helfen und sagen wo die evangelischen KB von Reichenbach bei Chemnitz liegen?

    Danke im voraus.


    Und was ich nicht ändern kann, da bleibe ich weiter dran... (Herbert Grönemeyer)

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  • Hello Andrea,

    as far as I know, you have to write to/contact the parish "Ev.-Luth. Kirchgemeinde Reichenbach" to order a copy of the birth-record.
    Address and mail you can find here: http://www.ev-kirche-reichenbach.de/index.php/kontakt

    In case of BMD records after 1876 you have to write to the Stadtarchiv, Frau Marion Igl: http://www.reichenbach-vogtlan…service/?RecID=134&Type=1

    Some addressbooks of Reichenbach can be found online here: http://adressbuecher.sachsendigital.de/projekt/
    Be careful that you choose Reichenbach im Vogtland.

  • SUCCESS!!!
    I received the documents I wanted.
    Can someone help me understand the abbreviations?

  • Hello Andrea,

    this is a dublicate for the Baptism of F R A N Z , R O B E R T , S C H U M A N N in old german.

    Baptism-index of ev.-lutheran Peter-Paul-chirch in Reichenbach
    Year: 1863 Site: 527 Number: 416

    Baptizand: ( born ) the Two and Twentyth September ( 22 Sep ) Night at Eleven Clock in Reichenbach ,
    Franz Robert,
    Baptismday: the Eleventh October

    Father: Carl Wilhelm Schumann,
    toolmaker in Ronneburg is specified as the father, which is known to.

    Mother: Wilhelmine, master Johann Gottlieb Fuchs, Citizen and clothmaker here ( Reichenbach) youngest legitimate daughter

    Generated outside of marriage. ( illegitimate )

    Reichenbach 14 Apr 2016 Seal ev-luth pastoral office

    Best regards


  • Caution!
    Illegitimate childs are named after her mother if they are not adopted by the father (which we don't know from this copy!).
    And "toolmaker" (Zeugmacher in german) is a bad transcription, also as the word "master" for the father of Wilhelmine.

    My addendums are set in {...}.

    So, FRANZ ROBERT FUCHS (*22.9.1863, bapt. 10.10.1863) was an illegitimate child of Carl Wilhelm Schumann from Ronneburg and Wilhelmine Fuchs from Reichenbach.
    If Carl Wilhelm and Wilhelmine would have been married at a later date (as I said, we don't know this from this source), it is possible that he is known then as "Franz Robert Schumann" -- if not, the correct name would be "Franz Robert Fuchs".


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