Andreas Frederichsen Hahn born 1699 in Penzlin

  • Looking for information of Andreas Frederichsen Hahn from Penzlin

    My 4x Great Grandfather was Andreas Frederichsen Hahn, born abt. 1699 in Penzlin.
    He emigrated to Denmark and settled in Vester Lunde, Odense county as a weaver, where he died in 1774, 75 years old.

    He first married Barbara Kristina Mortensdatter, and became father to Andreas Friderick Hahn, born 1728 in Odense.
    In 1728 he married Else Margrethe Mortensdatter Zirach, born 1711 in Odense to weaver Morten Hansen Zirach.
    With Else he had 9 children in Vester Lunde, Odense county.

    Can anybody help me about Andreas Hahn and relatives from Pommern? :danke:

    Arne Sorensen