Jassow u. Nemitz bei Cammin, 1640-1660

  • Hello researchers and experts,

    My father-in-law’s cousin has given me some family information he says are from church books for Jassow and Nemitz, between Cammin and Naugard, for the years 1640-1660. He says he downloaded digital copies of the church book pages but lost them after writing down the names and dates. I’ve spent a whole day trying to find the source of these pages with Google but have found nothing using all the names and dates he’s given me. I thought it might have come from the Polish archives in Stettin but I get nothing searching there either. I’m starting to think he made it all up, or found it some other way, he’s really old and forgetful, and I haven’t been doing research long enough to figure this out. Has anyone ever found records for these places and dates? Can anyone give me a link to the source?

    Heinrich von Schwan-Margaretha von Steinwehr marriage, 1 Jan 1640, Nemitz, Cammin

    Child: Hans von Schwan, born 9 May 1641 in Nemitz, died 27 Oct 1642 in Nemitz

    Margaretha von Schwan, geb. von Steinwehr, died 2 Feb 1653, Cammin

    Heinrich von Schwan-Elisabeth Sophie Marie von Flemming marriage, about 1654-1656, no record


    1. Otto Heinrich von Schwan, born 13 Oct 1657 in Jassow, Cammin

    2. Anna Sophia von Schwan, born 3 Nov 1658 in Jassow

    3. Ewald Wilhelm von Schwan, born 30 May 1660 in Jassow

    Thanks for any advice you can give.


    Chris Swan