Bushgien Family of Ladebow Pomerania

  • I am looking for information on my great-great-grandmother,
    Sophie Dorothea Christine Bushgien or Buchgien or Buchgier born in Ladebau or
    Ladebow Pomerania, Prussia on 28 August 1838 to Johan J or Furgen Bushgein and
    Anna Louise Brehmer. According to family accounts, Johan was attorney general
    of Pomerania, and Anna was a Brehmer of the Brehmer Shipbuilding Company.
    Sophie eventually moved to Texas in 1859-1860, and married my
    great-great-grandfather, Simon Honig in 1861. She lived the rest of her life in
    Llano, Texas and died in 1931 in Texas. I would very much like any help anyone
    can give on the Bushgien or Brehmer families in Pomerania. Thank you!

  • Hello

    it's presumably Ladebow - see here for further information:


    You should also copye your inquiry to the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Forum, as Greifswald specialists would find it more easily.




    FENNER in Tlukawy/Hermstal/Wischin (Posen)

    STIEWITZ aus "Strelen" in der "Niederlauselitz" (17. Jht.)

    SCHÖNBORN aus "Rotenburg"/Neisse (18. Jht)

    EICHEL aus Rostock (17. Jht.)

    OSTERKAMP aus Hausbergen/Minden (17. Jht)