Franz Anton von Padawin in Rastatt

  • Our ancestor, Franz Anton von Padawin (also Padavvin, Badawin), c. 1679-1763, a tax official at the Baden-Baden court in Rastatt, is believed to also be Franco Antonio Padavino to his ancestors in Venice, a great-grandson of Giambattista Padavino, Venetian ambassador to Graubunden in Switzerland, among other things.

    We are trying to make the connection but can't find much on the German side except an 2008 article by Wiechert - Im Dienste des Hauses Habsburg. On the Italian side, there is an article in the Italian Dictionary of Biography about Giambattista by the author Roberto Zago. Can anyone give us some specific advice on how to continue researching this family line on either side?


    Christiana Swan