Wendhausen heraldry

  • Hello!
    My name is José Cassio Wendhausen, and I´m a novice in the heraldry subject, so, excuse my mistake in the following lines.

    Fisrt, as a background, here it goes a few details about me and my familly:

    - Engelbert Wendhausen and his spouse, Elisabetha (or Elisabeth) Sculzenn are the oldest ancestors that I know the names. Engelbert born between 1790 and 1808 in Germany, unknown province.
    - Engelbert and Elisabetha had two children: Heinrich Wendhausen (1821-1892) and Wilhelm Wendhausen (1824-1904), both born in Germany.
    - Wilhelm married with Louisa and fixed residence in USA. They had four children.
    - Heinrich married with Maria Eva Gesser and fixed residence in Brazil.
    - Heirich and Eva had eight children, one of them, Germano Wendhausen (my great grandfather - 1853-1930) had a relationship with Edwiges Pinto. They had one son, named Frontino Sebastião Wendhausen.
    - Frontino married with Filomena Jhansen Regente and had eight children, being Jove Patrício Wendhausen (my father-1925-2002) one of them.

    After to read the text and see the coats presented in the following links:

    A few questions comes to my mind:
    1- The coats showed in the links above are real ones?
    2- There is something wrong to use one of them as a coat of my family?
    3- If there isn´t nothing wrong, which of them could make more sense for me to use?

    In advance, thanks!!