The GOV database

  • You can download public-domain data about United States of America locations at

    and these data could be useful for your GOV database.

    The competing credit card companies have worked out a way to avoid trouble:

    America Express always starts with 3
    Visa always starts with 4
    MasterCard always starts with 5
    Discover always starts with 6

    The GEDCOM 5.5EL standard could allow for public-domain databases usable by any genealogy software:

    0 @P_GOV_1234567@ _LOC

    ...says that the @P@ tag is from the GOV database. Maybe FamilySearch might introduce a dataset

    0 @P_FS_1234567@ _LOC

    and my own GEDCOMINDEX.COM which uses my own place codes ("GEDCOM Index Place Codes")

    0 @P_GIPC_DEBY2249@ _LOC

    ...see my page at

    Tom Alciere
    Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S.A.