Plate and Krueger Family

  • Looking for information on Dr. Friedrich Plate, born April 06, 1802 in Weferlingen, Saxony-Anhalt. He married Augusta Krueger, born January 02, 1801 in Weferlingen. They married about 1832. They had Friedrich, born November 07, 1834, Wilhelmina, born April 23, 1836, Jane Augusta, born April 21, 1837, Ernest Wilhelm, born Abt. 1839, Charles L. Heinrich, born May 02, 1842. All were born in Weferlingen, Kreis Gardelegen, Saxony-Anhalt. Any information will be appreciated. They left Germany and came to America in 1857. They settled in Millstadt, St. Clair County, Illinois. My email address is