Help With Braunfels Family Member

  • Hello!
    I'm looking for information about my great grandfather, Otto Belnhalt Preiss. Supposedly born 1/1/1880 in Braunfels. The Braunfels OFB isn't onling yet and I can't find anything on Ancestry or FamilySearch. Can anyone help me find something? I don't know his parent's names or anything, though he may have had a sister named Martha. I would REALLY appreciate it!


  • Hallo!
    Ich suche nach Informationen über meinen Urgroßvater Otto Belnhalt Preiss. Vermutlich wurde er am 01.01.1880 in Braunfels geboren. Das OFB von Braunfels ist noch nicht online und ich kann auch auf Ancestry oder Familysearch nichts finden. Kann mir jemand helfen? Ich kenne den Namen seiner Eltern oder sonstiges nicht. Vermutlich hatte er eine Schwester namens Martha. Ich würde jede Hilfe sehr zu schätzen wissen!


  • I think Braunfels is completely wrong.
    Even if ancestry decipherers often don´t make a good job, here they read Berensfeld in Otto´s death record.
    We can find the maiden name for his wife at familysearch: Kaiser
    A Martha Kaiser immigrates June 21, 1907, destination bridegroom Otto Preiss, Chicago. Her last pl of residence and pl. of birth: Altenberg,_Saxony And a find there: Municipal subdivisions Bärenfels !!!
    IN 1907 PL Dönschten ( Döntchen) is stated as last pl of residence…&ankunftshafen=New%20York just a few miles NE from Bärenfels.