Families Seyer and Wulf - Insel Fehmarn

  • I am searching information about my ancestors from Fehmarn. My 6x grandmother Dorothea Seyer (1728) married Hans Wulf (1720).

    I need to know who are Dorothea's parents. In a site I found Wolter Seyer and Anna Olderog. But in another there are different parents.

    Is there an archiv where I could find some information?.Does anyone research Fehmarn?
    Thank you for any help.

  • Hallo flordemaio,

    es gibt das Sippenbuch der Insel Fehmarn von Max Otto Rauert. Das Sippenbuch ist bisher nicht veröffentlicht worden.
    Wegen Auskünften daraus schreibe bitte eine Mail an : fehmarnarchiv [ at ] hotmail.de
    Ansprechpartner ist Herr Lehmann.

    Viele Grüße
    Henriette :)

  • Hi Henriette
    I tried to obtain the Sippenbuch von Max Otto Rauert,but unfortunately it is not available any more.
    I have many Rauerts in my tree. I'll write to the Fehmarn Archiv.Thank you very much for the address.

  • Hello flordemaio,

    Are you still looking? I search on Fehmarn and have an extensive collection.

    Dorothea (or Dorthe) Seyer
    * 3 Mar 1728 in Wulfen, Fehmarn, Ostholstein, Schleswig-Holstein
    + 8 Feb 1786 in Wulfen, Fehmarn

    1st Marriage 9 Nov 1744 with
    Hans Wulf

    Wolter Wulf 1746 - 1790
    Hans Wulf 1749 - 1824

    2nd Marriage 10 Jan 1754 with
    Johann Matthias Brandt
    * 6 Apr 1730 in Strukkamp, Fehmarn
    + 24 Jul 1758 in Wulfen

    Matthias Brandt 1754 - ??
    Tebbel Brandt 1756 - 1828
    Anna Brandt 1757 - 1828

    3rd Marriage 6 Aug 1759 with
    Balthasar Olderog
    * 23 Jan 1732 in Wulfen, Fehmarn
    + 25 May 1799 in Wulfen,Fehmarn

    Anna Gardruth Olderog 1760 - 1809
    Anna Margaretha Olderog 1766 - 1790

    The parents of Dorthe Seyer are
    Wolter (or Wölter) Seyer 1698 - 1747 and
    Ancke Flöcker 1700 - 1762


  • Hi Uwe
    Thank for your reply. I wrote to the Archiv in Fehmarn and they gave the parents to Dorothea -Wolter Seyer (1695 -1728 Niendorf0
    and Anna Olderog ( 1699-1747 Niendorf). I would love to solve this mistery .

  • Hi Ligia,
    my information is from a family researcher who has looked through the church books on site in Fehmarn and works very conscientiously.

    Nevertheless, I have now checked it again:

    1) In the death entry of Dorthea Ollrogs (born Seyer) it says that her mother was Anna Seyers. The birth name is unfortunately not given.

    2) Her father Wolter Seyer married Anna Olrogs in Burg/Fehmarn on 9 Nov 1722 according to the marriage entry. Unfortunately I did not find his birth entry.
    Therefore I cannot say with certainty whether he was born in 1695 or 1698. ?( ?(
    Regards Uwe

  • Hi,Uwe,
    Thank you so much for having searched Dorothea 's death entry. Is it possible to obtain a copy of these documents?
    If her mother is Anna ,it must be Anna Olderog.

    I couldn't find Hans Wulf's (1720) father . Hans Wulf (1749 ) is my ggggrandfather.

    Sunny greetings from Brazil