Wenzel MAXA, death certificate or birth certificate

  • I am looking for information on the death of my great uncle Wenzel Maxa who was born in 1881 and possibly baptized in Simsfilz Gemeinde Stephanskirchen in Bayern Germany. I also believe he was killed during the Great War. Any information about Wenzel Maxa would be greatly appreciated.
    Chris W

  • Hello Renate, I looked again it is Stephanskirchen Simsfilz Kreis Rosenheim. Sorry about the confusion. Hope this clarifies. These old documents are hard to read some times. Chris W

  • Hi ChrisW,

    well I found the town of Stephanskirchen. BTW was Wenzel Maxa catholic?

    And what do you mean by "he was killed during the great war"? Meaning WWI ( 1914-1918 )

    I did find a Wencel Maxa on Ancestry.com; he was a PVT; his fathers name was Joseph J Maxa and lived in Cedar Rapids Iowa.


    Regards Renate

  • Hi ChridW,

    since Anita found the place I will write a email to the town of Stephanskirchen to find out more about Wenzel Maxa.