Place of Birth, Bererid, Germany?? Best guess, Danke!

  • Question about place of birth on 1870 Census Bererid, Germany?

    1870 Census place of birth Bererid, Germany?

    1850 Census place of birth Germany
    1860 Census place of birth Europe
    1880 Census place of birth Prussia

    Danke! Dori :danke:

    Here you go! Thank you Bob! Danke!

  • Hi Dori,

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    Do you have an image of theoriginal census page ?
    if so, and if the entries are hand-written, can you attach a section of the image here, please.
    (i.e. not the whole image, but the line with 'your' entries and a couple of lines from before and after this, so we can compare the handwriting with other words on the page)
    This will make it easier to figure out the original entry.

    If the census images only include typed entries, or if you are quoting a transcription, then this won't help much; we'll just have to hope someone here comes up with an inspired guess (or local knowledge).

    Is this an entry for one of your ancestors ?
    If so, are there any family stories (or legends) that include places in Germany ?
    That might also give us some clues.


  • Hi,

    I think Elizabeth´ maiden name should be Laber. The allocation of that surname would match to the one of Hiesinger. There is a cluster in Donau-Ries-Kreis . Maybe a search in that area ( Donau Ries and adjacent "Kreise") would be successful ( in the long term)

    Hiesinger pronunciation in German is as Heisinger in English. It is likely that Heisinger was used in the US but originally was Hiesinger.