Thekla Rohr born about 1880-1884 Strasbourg Saarburg Alsace

  • Thekla Rohr born about 1880/1881 Saarebourg/Strasbourg, Alsace

    Hallo and Bonjour, I am looking for Thekla Rohr. She was born about 1880-1884 in or around Strasbourg, Alsace, Germany at the time. My great grandfather was Benno Karl Sigfried Rohr born 9/2/1940 in Rosenthal, Prenzlau, Germany. He died on 11/7/1905 in Saarebourg, Moselle, Germany. He married Luisa (Luise) Philippina Möhrlin. She was born further south in Mülhausen on 9/1/1852. She died 2/24/1929 in Gießen, Hesse, Germany as she was living with her daughter Elisabeth in 1929.

    I have found 3 of their children all born in Strasbourg, Alsace. All these birth records are found in the Bas-Rhin archives. Elisabeth Margaretha Albertine Luise Rohr born 10/27/1875. She married a man named Fidel Oskar Vinzens Balken on 2/14/1920 in Gießen, Hesse, Germany. The 2nd child was Klara Margaretha Luise Salomea Rohr born 5/28/1877. She married in 1906, Doctor Richard Krzymowski. Their marriage record is in the Bas-Rhin archives. The 3rd child I found is my grandfather who moved to America. He was Friedrich Carl Alfred Rohr born 10/23/1879. I am looking for a fourth child who's name is Thekla Rohr.

    Benno Karl Siegfried Rohr traveled quite a bit as he was a Head/Royal tax and customs collector for the Prussian Army. A 2nd Lieutenant. There are records in the Saarebourg archives that have some photos of the family and Benno Karl Siegfried Rohr's death record. Thekla Rohr is shown with the 2 other sisters. She looks like the youngest of the 3 which would make her born about 1880 to 1884. I am just not sure where because I have not been able to find her birth record in the Bas-Rhin archives. The records the archives at Saarebourg show she has a daughter that submitted the photos to the archive. Her name was Madeleine Flesch-Mitteau.

    So, I need help in searching for Thekla Rohr born about 1800-1884. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Danke, John Rohl :danke: