Ancestor civil registry grand duchy of oldenburg, ganderkesee

  • Dear, excuse my English.
    I write to you from Chile for the following, I am collecting background information to process the recovery of the German nationality and until now I only need one of these two documents from my Grandfather:
    - Birth certificate
    - Marriage certificate
    I have been looking for a long time and I found these certificates of 6 of my grandfather's 8 brothers, but not of him, all of them are registered in the same place of birth.
    And in relation to his marriage the official translation that I have in my possession says that he married on 03/11/1907, stamped with the legend "civil registry grand duchy of oldenburg, ganderkesse".

    I attach a birth certificate from one of your brothers.
    I would appreciate your help too much.

  • Hello Altanerich,
    I can't decipher the tiny document, but the translation says that Rosa Altaner was born in 1886 in Komorno (that is in Upper Silesia). The Prussian name of Komorno was since 1936 Altenwall/commune Cosel.
    Registry Offices are existing since 1875, that's why you can't find a birth certificate of her parents and uncles. Sources before 1875 are church-books.

    Your document will give you an information about the confession. Research on this path.

    Kind regards

  • Hallo Altanerich,

    Isn't there a birthplace mentioned on your grandfather's marriage entry?

    If you need to get informations from the civil registries in Ganderkesee, here are the contact informations ("Ansprechpartnerinnen) at the bottom of the webpage).

    Good luck,

  • mister, thank you very much for the clarification, that's why I found the documents of the brothers who were born after 1875.
    With these documents I was, Ok, this is having bad luck, haha
    What could I do now?
    Thank you very much.
    Attached Certificate of birth of one of the siblings, URLs because the file weighs too much.


    I do not know how to put the direct links

  • the document you now linked says father was a teacher. mother was Anna Olbrich.
    Name of community is Poborschau in Cosel district.

    It also says that they were catholics. So in order to find the birth/baptism entry before 1875 you will have to find the church archive. Detlef gave you a link. There is a list of communities and to which church communities they belonged.

    Here's a document about Johann Altaner, teacher in Poborschau. It seems to be an employment document.…pp=15&page=4#tabJednostka
    It is not available online, but it exists and can be looked up in the archive.

    Johann Altaner is also mentioned in the index of families in Kostenthal here or here
    because he married there Anna Mechthilde Candida Birgitta Olbrich in 1868 and she was born there. Kostenthal church books are available via the Mormons (Family Search Centers)

    This is what became of sibling Georg Ottmar Ehrenfried: a teacher
    found in this database

  • Hello Altanerich,
    due to your PN from today: do you really want me to ask some questions or do you want you ask some questions?
    Don´t hesitate to ask, many listers like to help if they can.
    Kind regards
    PS: A larger, readable input of your document might be helpful.

  • Hello Altanerich,
    due to your PN from today: do you really want me to ask some questions or do you want you ask some questions?
    Don´t hesitate to ask, many listers like to help if they can.
    Kind regards
    PS: A larger, readable input of your document might be helpful.

    Sorry to ask a lot, but I'm not very clear and my English is not the best.
    With the passage of time, almost a year of searching, I have almost all the documents, from deaths, marriages, passenger list, etc, but still elusive the Baptism of Linus Altaner Olbrich, the emails that I have sent to Poland remain unanswered.
    The political-geographical administration of Germany and Poland is very different from that of Chile, so I do not understand it very well, but what I have managed to understand and please correct me if I am wrong is:

    • The place of birth, the town, was called Komorno until 1936, then it began to be called Altenwall and it was inside the commune of Cosel ?.
    • Poborschau is another town in the commune of Cosel?

    Try Attaching the following documents but I did not succeed, so I attached Link to My Google Drive where you can directly see the documents.…nv8RTQ6i7zr6k?usp=sharing
    [Blocked Image:]

    1.- Birth certificate of Rosa Altaner (Sister of Linus Altaner Olbrich, born when the registration office had already been created)
    2.- Death of Johann Altaner, Father of Linus Altaner Olbrich.
    3.- Certificate of Marriage of Linus Altaner Olbrich (in Germany) and information of his person, he brought it when he came to work in Chile as a teacher.
    4.- I do not understand well, but I think it is a pension or something like that, I would appreciate if you could correct me.
    5.- Work of Linus Altaner Olbrich, I think.

    I would greatly appreciate any correction to my information, idea of ??how to obtain the missing document, any contact or someone who works remunerately in the search of these files, otherwise I will have to travel to find the famous and elusive document.

    Sincerely, Erich Altaner.

  • Hello Erich,

    what I learnt from your omnibus volume of documents is this:
    1.) The teacher Johann Altaner and his wife Anna née Olbrich were living in
    Poborschau in 1886. Anna signed the death certificate of her husband in
    1888 Antonie Olbrich!
    2.) Theirs daughter Rosa was born in 1886 in Komorno.
    3.) Johann Altaner died in Poborschau 23.04.1888, he was 43 years of age.That means he was born about 1845. His widow lived 24.04.1888 in Kostenthal.
    4.) Johann's parents were the innkeeper Clemens Altaner and his wife Johanna nèe Wrobel.
    5.) The death certifikate says that Johann Altaner was born in Wyssoka. He was catholic.
    About Wyssoka:
    Wyssoka had 43 inhabitants in 1885 an an own church.

    The unique option to research the birth or baptism of Johann Altaner is the catholic churchbook of Wyssoka (Polish: Wysoka).
    Existing catholic churchbooks of Wyssoka (Kreis Rosenberg, not Kreis Gross-Strelitz!) are:…r_Confessionen_(1902)/077.
    Unfortunately I did not yet figure out where these churchbooks are available. Hope any lister can help.

    Additional notes:
    geography: Poborszow, Komorno and Kosel (outside the ring in south-east)
    description of Komorno:
    listing of Johann Altaner born in 1844 calculated and his father Klemens Altaner born about 1805, both born in Wyssoka, in the family register of Kostenthal/commune Cosel (listed also 4 Wrobels)

    Kind regards

  • I appreciate the information very much, I did not know it.
    But what I need is about Linus Altaner Olbrich, the son of Johann Altaner.
    Since it is the only of the brothers was emigrated to Chile to work as teacher.
    The documents were for if you could help me determine where you can get the baptism from, or where I get some contact with the place where the certificate is, since he was born before the creation of the civil registry office.
    I do not have clarity where to get this document, sorry for the insistence.
    Thank you very much for the information of Johann and Klemens Altaner.

    Sincerely, Erich Altaner.

  • Hallo Erich,

    Linus Altaner's sister Rosa was born 1886 in Poborschau.

    Linus himself may be born either betwenn 1875 (beginning of civil registration) and 1888 (death of his father or brfore 1875. In the first case a birth-certificate might be available, in the second case a copy or duplication of the churchbook-entry might bi available.
    Case 1.) Contact the (ivil registry (= Standesamt) of Comorno again.

    Case 2.) Kamionka and Pobrschau were parts of the parish of Mechnitz.
    The catholic churchbooks of Menchnitz 1790-1900 are existing, but where?…r_Confessionen_(1902)/041
    My proposal: Contact the Forum der Oberschlesier for help:…439&onsearch=1&threadid=2

    Kind regards

  • Good morning (in Chile), dear Deftle

    Thank you very much, I will look for information in the pages indicated by you.
    I just read again information that I had in my possession, specifically the translation of German marriage to Spanish says:
    - Linus Altaner Olbrich Born on 09/23/1872 in Comorno.