Leopold Emil Strauss

  • Hi

    Did you search all documents in the United States, especially marriage and death records or an obituary?

    You need to know the place and date of birth and the religion, without this facts you can't search in Germany.

    If you already have more information you should write it here in the forum, I can't see the documents on ancestry.

    If this people were jewish, you should also look at jewishgen https://www.jewishgen.org/

    and for Baden/Württemberg/Hohenzollern https://www.landesarchiv-bw.de/web/49483

    Offenbach is situated in Hessen, maybe you can find something here:


  • Svenja I did all those searches. I did find some information but cannot get the documents to support it. The info I found was:
    Address: Karlsruhe
    Conference Code: 121072
    Document code: 305

  • Hi Phil

    I have just found this information on MyHeritage, I don't know who put the information online and from which documents he or she has this information.

    Anton Strauss was born1902, in New York, son of Leopold "Emil" Strauss und Anna (Dora) Dorothea Strauss (née Ostheimer).
    Leopold was born on August 1866 in Wachenbuchen, near Hanau, Germany.
    Anna was born on the 4. July 1868 in Rudesheim, Germany.


    Hanau and Rüdesheim are both situated in Hessen, not in Baden.