Schuster - Croissant from Haardt

  • Hello fellow Forscher:
    I'm in search of my great-grandparents: Philipp Peter Schuster (b. May 9, 1844) and his wife Anna Croissant (b. Sep 9, 1949) from Haardt/Neustadt. His parents were Friedrich Schuster and Maria Walter (also spelled Walther) and hers were Jacob Croissant and Christina Krauss. Philipp and Anna married in Haardt in June 6, 1872.
    Their daughter Maria Schuster was born on March 20, 1876 and on July 12, 1900 she married Friedrich Heck.
    A couple of days ago I received the marriage certificate of my grandparents (Maria anf Friedrich).
    On that certificate it states that my great-grandfather Philipp Peter Schuster emigrated to America, most likely with Anna but it is not specified.
    And here the trail ends. The emigration had to take place after Maria's birth in 1876. I have practically been working around the clock searching databases, passenger lists, and immigration lists for the latter part of the 19th century... to no avail. I mean -0- results. Ancestry has a list of names but for now I don't want to buy their services.
    I will be deeply grateful for any clues about Philipp Peter and Anna -

  • Hello Gerlinde

    You should also search the censuslists because there is mentionned the year of immigration.
    In the passenger lists the surname could be wrong written or the name shortened,
    or the surname could be mistranscribed for the index at ancestry or familysearch.
    Usually you will find the same documents/images on ancestry and familysearch,
    but on familysearch you don't have to pay to look at the original images.