Re-Post 1932 Hamburg Newspaper - Altona Bloody Sunday

  • Hello again everyone,

    Johannes Heinrich Georg ARMBRUST b. 16 Oct 1915 - d. 14 July 1932 Hamburg:

    He may have been involved in Altona Bloody Sunday. Death certificate is by police and no family information is included.

    I have searched a few websites and cannot find any more information about Johannes nor any connection with Bloody Sunday. The date of his death (just 2 days before) and the certificate by police may indicate a "street death".

    I have ARMBRUST family in the Altona - Hamburg - Blankenese area at the time of Johannes life BUT I'm NOT SURE he is related.

    I want to find specific information on Johannes H. G. A. if I can

    If anyone can offer a suggestion as to how I can find more on this subject I will be grateful.

    One forum member has given me information and direction thus far and I appreciate that very much. Thank you.

    Please see attachments below: They are the Hamburg death certificate of J. H. G. A.

    Thank you,

    Bob Armbrust

  • Hello Bob,

    Johannes (Hans) Armbrust died by an accident with his bicycle.

    This is the original text:

    Mit dem Fahrrad in den Hafen gestürzt und ertrunken.

    Der Geschäftsbote Hans Armbrust stürzte gestern mit seinem Fahrrad zwischen den Kaischuppen 3 und 4 und fiel über die Kaimauer ins Wasser. A. ertrank, die Leiche konnte noch nicht geborgen werden.

    kind regards

  • Hello Chris,

    Thank you for your quick response. I was definitely on the wrong track but I did learn something along the way so that's good.

    I'll work on translating the article to English as I neither read nor speak any German.

    I'm very grateful for you help, thank you.


    Bob Armbrust