Where was this place? Rohr in the Braunschweig region of Germany - 1727

  • This is my first post here so forgive me if I put it in the wrong subforum.

    My name is Dominic i'm from the Netherlands and i'm currently researching the family from my mothers side called Koppe.

    The first with this name in the Netherlands is Christian Kopé as it is written in the civil administration of The Hague.
    He came to Holland around 1760, he was born around 1727 and there is a small note of his place of birth which says :

    Dutch : Geboren te Rohr in het Brunswijckse, Duitschland. Luthers. (religie)
    English: Born in Rohr in the Braunschweig region of Germany. Lutheran. (religion)
    Deutsch: Geboren in Rohr in der region Braunschweig, Deutschland. Luther. (religion)

    Can anybody help me identify where the place "Rohr" is or where it must have been?
    I've been researching this for about 8 years now without getting any further.
    I know there is a place called Rohr near Neurenberg but I can't imagine that they mean that, its almost 400km from Braunschweig.

    Looking at the certificates of the civil administration Christian Kopé could'nt read or write so his name is probably misspelled and just written down in the way he said it to the administrator.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

    Dominic Bode

  • Hello Dominic,

    From 1692 to 1807 there was the Kurfürstentum Braunschweig-Lüneburg which was the same as the Kurfürstentum Hannover.

    As you can see, the yello / light orange area is huge:

    The GOV is great for finding places, including the names of domiciles. (Since it's based on the work of volunteers, please don't expect it to be complete though.)

    There are many places called Rohr or Röhr, but there's only one that was situated in the Kurfürstentum Braunschweig/Hannover:

    I hope this helps.

  • More information: Deinstedt belongs to the parish of Selsingen and that to the Kirchreis Bremervörde-Zeven. According to this website they plan to publish the church records on Archion. Still there's nothing online.

    Here's a list of marriages from Selsingen. The only name on the list that looks and sounds similar to Koppe is Köppel or Poppe (if you mis-read it). Ropers could be the third "candidate".
    http://www.buckstöver.de/Ahnenforschung/Kirchenbuch/KB-Selsingen/selsingen-hr-al.html (great website by the way, if you search in that area)