Traugott Scheppel/Schapel (1817) and Johanna Müller (1823) from West Prussia

  • Hello, and apologies for posting in English. My grandfather's surname is Scheppel, and I have been researching this family and their origins in Prussia without much luck. The Scheppel/Schable/Schapel/Shepple family emigrated to the US from Prussia around 1866. The patriarch of the family was Traugott Scheppel/Schable (born ca. 1817). His wife was Johanna C. Müller (born ca. 1823). Their children were Traugott (born ca. 1845), Anna Maria (born ca. 1848), Herman J. (Frederick?) (born ca. 1851), Maria (born ca. 1856), Augusta (born ca. 1862), Henry C. (born ca. 1863), and Gotthelf J. (born ca. 1865). Almost all extant records of this family give their birthplace as just "Prussia". However, I found one census record for Anna Maria which gives her birthplace as "Lutenburg", which I presume is Lautenburg/Lidzbark in West Prussia. Also, I found an immigration record for the younger Traugott which gives his origin as Thorn, which is not far from Lautenburg. I also found that there is a village near Lautenberg and Thorn called Czaple (alternately Zippel, Tschippeln, Sczepil, Czepil, Gross Czappeln, Treuhausen), which seems to correspond to Scheppel. Perhaps the family took their name from this village. Any help with or advice for researching this family in the church records from this region would be very much appreciated. Also, the names Traugott and Gotthelf seem slightly unusual (and religious). Would these names help pinpoint the origin of this family to a particular area of West Prussia, or were they common throughout Prussia during this time period? Would these names possibly indicate the religion of this family? Thank you!