Family Wenne from Schifferstadt.

  • Hi, all!
    I have long been looking for traces of the Wenne family from Schifferstadt. I found only the record of Anna Maria Wenne, daughter of Jacobus and Maria Anna born there in 1744.
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    The problem is that this family probably went to Konigsau (now Rivne in Ukraine), where a German colony was founded in 1783. I found there a lot of relatives from the family of my grandfather Gregorius Wenne. His ancestor Joannes Wenne arrived in Konigsau already married, because in 1785 their son Henricus was born there.

    Therefore, I have a question - are there any lists of Schifferstadt residents from the second half of the 18th century available? Or maybe there are also lists of residents who went to Konigsau? I have a list of Konigsau residents but since 1785, but there is no information where they came from. I will be grateful for help in this topic.Jozef

  • Hello Jozef,

    There's a book about all families from Schifferstadt between the 12th and 18th century.,_OFB

    An article about emigration from Schifferstadt in the 18th to 20th century:
    Paul, Roland / 1951-: "Um ein besseres Loos dorten zu finden" : zur Auswanderung aus Schifferstadt vom 18. bis zum 20. Jahrhundert
    In: Schifferstadt: Schifferstadt / hrsg. von d. Stadt Schifferstadt. [Red.: Bernhard Kukatzki ... ]. - Schifferstadt, 1998. - ISBN 3-00-002473-5. - S. 561-581. - Ill. - ISBN 3-00-002473-5

    Not sure, if you can get these books via interlibrary lending in Poland. Maybe another forum member has got a copy nd can look things up for you. I keep my fingers crossed.

  • Hallo Jozef,

    In the Catholic parish register Schifferstadt, the city of Bruchsal is given as the origin of the parents or mother at the baptism of November 24, 1744 of Anna Maria Wenne.
    Quelle: familysearch- Katalog-Schifferstadt
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    Im katholischen Kirchenbuch Schifferstadt, ist bei der Taufe vom 24.11.1744 der Anna Maria Wenne, als Herkunft der Eltern oder der Mutter die Stadt Bruchsal angegeben.

    Grüsse aus der Pfalz Murphy