comma in name of municapality

  • Some names of Dutch municipalities consist of the names of their former municipalities, separated by comma's.

    One of these name exceeded the maximum length for the administrative systems, so one space is removed the name and is now

    Drongelen, Haagoort,Gansoijen en Doeveren

    How do I enter this name into the GOV database?

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  • I hope I understand the problem correctly.

    I think, the problem is not the length, it´s too much commas. In the syntax for the name is only one comma allowed. The second would be recognized as end of the line.

    A solution could be another sign, maybe a hyphen (koppelteken,Bindestrich).

    Are these long names the official name (including the former name)

  • It's the name of a former municipality. The name (containing 2 commas) was the official name of the municipality.

    Of course I can use a hyphen, but that doesn't represent the official name.

    Does the syntax have a solution to add a note containing the right name?